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KBI: The other half of the story


Transform the comercial culture of your Company in 7 steps

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Having the secret recipe to have the best sales team has always been a great fantasy for all companies, today there is so much competition and everything goes so fast that we must look for a differentiating element to stand out from the rest.

This E-book provides the reader a pattern to achieve improvements in their work team, with explained ideas so that the person knows which route to follow to obtain their ideal results.


We all work for a positive return and what we want with this text is to empower people with the guidelines to know what to start, continue and end with the moment to optimize everything for success.

deals with the concepts of companionship, participation, perseverance, among others, but above all it encourages you to perfect the work of your collaborators, encourage them to improve day by day and measure good practices, to understand how your best manages to be the best and thus be able to replicate it in others and finally take you and your team to the next level.


Sensor installation

Measure your team! Discover their performance, progression and profitability.

X-ray of your equipment

Study your team individually and find out its weaknesses and strengths.

Study the behaviors

Deliver tools for success, imitating good habits of your star worker.


You have to try different alternatives to know what really works.


Reward your best collaborator, encourage everyone’s effort and improve their performance.

Cultural Paradise

Transforms the workplace into the best place to work.

Do it now

How put what you have learned into practice.


Is it safe give out my information?

We promise you always to keep all your information, with the security you deserve and we request it so that you keep updated of all the content we are creating for you.

What is the price of this Ebook?

The price of this ebook is $7.99, but for you it will be completely free, because we want this information to be useful to you and that you feel in a pleasant environment to continue growing in your professional life.

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Transform your company’s Commercial Culture in 7 steps

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