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Grow field sales by learning what works, what doesn’t and why

Analyze the behaviours driving the best results. scale best practices to your entire sales team. All in Yu-Track



Some of the pioneers who dared to explore



We allow organizations to discover the key behaviors indicators (KBI’s) of their team members that make them perform at their best.


For growing companies

Gain visibility into the activities and results of commercial field executives.

For Commercial Executives

Which are the KBI (Key Behavior Indicators) that make the best commercial executives achieve the best performance.

For strategic organizations

If you know what is going on with your team, you can define ideal behaviors and use incentives to reinforce them.

Mobile app

For commercial field executives

It is a mobile application easy to use, all relevant information is automatically collected for managers to optimize the activities of the team, avoiding focusing on vain metrics to really boost growth.

Route Planning

In a calendar the user can select the customers to visit, Yu-Track technology is responsible for showing the best route.

Clients Map

The user will be able to visualize their clients in a list or map, which will give relevant information of the client, like the History of visits, forms, address, classification, profile.

Dynamics Forms

The user can generate managements in real time. Selects the correct form and begins to answer a series of questions designated by the company, automatically sent to the Dashboard Web and the Supervisor can access to this platform.

Relevants KBI´s

Know your geographical coverage thanks to the classification of clients, you will be able to know which have been your most visited clients during the month.

Dashboard web

For supervisors

Collects and processes all the information obtained by the mobile application to graphically display the most relevant indicators of the industry in the field.

The Dashboard is the most complete platform for the supervisor. Management, Check-in | Check-out, route planning and user movements, are one of the positive factors that Yu-Track delivers to better manage the personnel in field.

Which Manager wouldn’t want all his executives to be as good as the very best? That’s the big question we’re going to help you answer.


Gamification consists of reward through game mechanics in contexts other than one’s own. And it is that for no one it is a secret that playing is the best atmosphere to learn social skills, ways to cooperate with each other, rules, self-control, and so on.

We all want to do better. Some people hope they will… Others take action and make the ideal behaviors to get there. Which one are you?


How do you manage your team in field if you don’t know what they are doing and only measure their results (KPI’s)?

Want to know more?

Let us tell you the other half of the story…




Learn more about Yu-Track in the following video.


Red vital

The application is very simple to use, the form is quite friendly. I have worked with other systems that have been quite cumbersome and this for me is wonderful.

Natalie Arias – Field staff

Yu-Track has allowed our sales representatives to make a purification of the client portfolio, helping to optimize the way of working in the company.

Rolando Hernandez – Supervisor

Let your team become the best in the world


Together with Yu-Track you will be able to interact in real time with your staff in field, don’t wait any longer and let technology do the job. Try our recognized platform as the best geolocation in Latin America.

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